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How Tanium Can Solve Your Organization’s Top IT Operations Challenges

IT teams need real-time insight and comprehensive control of their environment to adapt to this new reality of hybrid work.

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The pandemic has radically reshaped the way many of us live and work. It accelerated the end of the network perimeter for IT teams as we knew it and hastened the rise of the endpoint.

For most organizations, the intelligent edge is where business happens today. But that puts even greater pressure on IT operations teams to manage new risks and complexity on these endpoints.

Fortunately, Tanium offers a unique approach to endpoint management, giving IT teams the real-time insight and comprehensive control they need to thrive in this new reality.

Watch this video with Josh Schofield to learn how Tanium is enhancing its solutions to help organization’s solve these challenges.

Remote work remains the biggest challenge

We all know what happened when the pandemic struck. Many organizations were forced to think the unthinkable and send their staff home indefinitely. Traditional security and operations models were torn apart as a massive influx of newly distributed endpoints came online.

Rapid cloud investments compounded the complexity. Threat actors reacted with characteristic agility to target newly emerging security gaps.

We may have had a year of this, but these new ways of working still throw up problems for IT operations teams. In a recent Tanium study, 69 percent of UK and US organizations say they face new IT operations challenges. 56 percent claim these issues have become more complex.

Understanding your inventory and keeping everything up-to-date was challenging even before the pandemic. Now it’s overwhelming.

With nearly 65 percent of companies expecting some or all of their workforce to remain remote indefinitely, this isn’t a challenge going away.

The Tanium difference

This is where Tanium comes in. Our unique architecture empowers IT operations teams with real-time visibility into their endpoint environment. This is a big deal. We estimate that 10-20 percent of a typical organization’s IT assets are left unmanaged.

A Tanium report last year found that 94 percent of IT decision-makers have found endpoints within their IT environment that were previously undiscovered.

We don’t just give you this insight — we also provide you with the tools to take action. First, Tanium discovers previously unknown devices and brings them under management.

Then we set configuration and policies for each with our asset discovery and inventory, patch management, software management, configuration management and performance monitoring tools.

Focusing on the future

While this offers tremendous value for IT operations teams, there’s always more to do. Our focus, for now, is on building out integrations between Tanium products and with third-party solutions. This will help enrich data and visibility and enhance reporting, analytics and insight.

With enriched data comes more opportunity to act quicker in response to emerging issues and automate.

We’re always looking for new ways to help customers automate mundane workflows, such as patch management and software deployment. This not only eliminates human error and enables IT to take action at scale, but it frees up those same staff to work on more critical tasks.

You can learn more about Tanium Endpoint Management on our website.

If you’re a Tanium customer, join our Endpoint Management group in the Tanium Community, where you can share ideas, ask questions and connect on all things IT ops.

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