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Learn How to Make the NDAA 889 Compliance Deadline

Tanium can help your organization comply with the U.S. National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Know what is on your network and protect your business.


Are you ready for August 13, 2021?

That’s when U.S. government agencies, as well as their suppliers and contractors, face their first annual deadline for NDAA 889 compliance.

NDAA is short for the U.S. National Defense Authorization Act. And 889 — actually, it’s Section 889, Part A — prohibits U.S. government agencies from obtaining telecom equipment and services from five Chinese companies. Part B of Section 889 applies the same prohibition to the federal government’s contractors and suppliers.

This means that by August 13, you’ll need to be able to identify the endpoint devices on your network from any of the five banned Chinese manufacturers. They are: Huawei Technologies, ZTE, Hytera Communications, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology and Dahua Technology.

The stakes are high. If you can’t meet this requirement, your future government business will be in jeopardy.

NDAA compliance using Tanium

Tanium’s modules can facilitate NDAA compliance by identifying devices on your network that can broadcast data.

  • Tanium platform modules, including Tanium Asset and Tanium Discover, provide endpoint management and endpoint security.
  • The modules can find and identify endpoint devices but also detect and report on detailed hardware and software information utilized on the endpoint device.
  • Tanium’s tools are highly scalable. Tanium recently helped one customer uncover some 27,000 missing endpoints, all of which were previously unmanaged.
  • The offerings are also available as a cloud-based service for out-of-the-box ease and speed.
  • Tanium is partnering with multiple leading technology providers, system integrators, and consulting firms to help support your NDAA compliance efforts

How Tanium helps your organization comply with NDAA

The Tanium platform, in combination with the Tanium Discover module, forms the heart of Tanium’s NDAA compliance offering.

The Tanium platform unifies security and IT operations teams with a single view of critical endpoint data in real time. Because it’s comprehensive and up-to-date, your organization can make informed decisions about NDAA compliance and then act with lightning speed to minimize disruptions to your business.

Tanium believes that NDAA compliance begins with knowing what’s connected to your network. That’s why Tanium’s customers use Tanium Discover to scan their network for unmanaged assets. Administrators can then choose to block the devices or bring them under management.

For extra reporting and more granular information, you can also add Tanium Asset. It will give your IT operations and asset-management teams real-time data about your devices and their software, regardless of location. These rich insights can help your organization make the right decisions about managing your devices and systems for NDAA compliance.

Tanium integrates with other popular software management tools, making managing these other tools easier and more efficient while unlocking greater insights.

Getting ready for NDAA compliance

As of today, few government agencies or contractors will be able to comply with NDAA 889 by the August 13 deadline. That’s mainly because their traditional asset-discovery tools aren’t up to the task.

How about you? Are you positioned to meet the NDAA 889 compliance deadline?

Tanium is here to help you prepare for NDAA. You can also check out our Community article, Tanium Guide to Using Discover Labels to Detect NDAA Banned Devices.


Ken Smiley

Ken Smiley is Tanium’s Director of Rapid Response, former industry analyst, coach, and public speaker. He assists organizations in responding to critical events and deriving the maximum value and return on their investments in IT.

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