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Solving the Hardest IT Challenges Together at CONVERGE 2019

That’s a wrap on our largest CONVERGE conference to date! This year’s theme was “Solving the Hardest IT Challenges. Together,” and with about 1,200 guests from around the world joining us in Nashville, we had an amazing opportunity to interact, experience, socialize and learn from each other. In the words of Tanium Executive Chairman David Hindawi, “We aspire to give you a platform that actually bridges security and operations. What you will see here this week goes along with achieving that goal.”

Day One

On the main stage at CONVERGE, keynote speaker Joseph Blankenship spoke about the ongoing struggles between security and IT operations teams, referencing a new Forrester Consulting study and explained the consequences businesses experience when their teams are at odds and the importance of investing in a unified endpoint management and security platform.

Our Chief Product Officer Pete Constantine unveiled a number of key enhancements to the Tanium platform, including Tanium Core Platform 7.4, a release that includes numerous user experience updates to allow security and IT operations teams to make informed decisions based on the rich data provided by Tanium. Right after, our Chief Customer Officer Charles Ross shared a number of key initiatives for Tanium in 2020 and announced our new program Tanium Titans, recognizing individuals and teams that have gone above and beyond at their organizations to champion their collaboration with Tanium and innovate using the Tanium platform.

(Read more first day keynote notes, quotes and anecdotes in this article by ComputerWeekly.)

Day Two

Day two brought a fireside chat between Tanium co-Founder and co-CEO Orion Hindawi and Chief Revenue Officer Thomas Stanley. They discussed the most pressing IT challenges our customers face and how the most progressive organizations are solving them, including how they align their teams around common goals and a common set of data and streamlined workflows, spanning both security and operations. Orion underscored why the Tanium culture is so mission-oriented: “I want my kids to grow up in a world where their data and way of life is protected.”

Edgar Ferreira De Oliveira from Richemont joined Matt Ellard on stage for an insightful look into how Richemont has achieved several benefits from consolidating on a single platform, including significantly improved risk management.

Day Three

Finally, it was a great honor to have retired four-star General Stan McChrystal close out our main stage sessions at CONVERGE 2019. McChrystal brought leadership insights from his decades of military service and provided invaluable advice for leading through transformation and succeeding in challenging, dynamic environments.

CONVERGE 2019 brought with it many inspiring, fun and memorable moments. Check out our photo gallery on our Tanium Instagram, and please continue to watch this space as we continue to look back at our labs, breakout sessions and other CONVERGE highlights.

And get ready, because in 2020, CONVERGE is coming to Austin, Texas!

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