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Tanium + Microsoft

Integrated security, operations, and risk powered by Tanium’s real-time visibility and control

Through Tanium and Microsoft’s direct product integrations, IT environments are more secure, performant and automated. Simplify your environment, enhance your security and take action at scale when speed to resolution is mission critical.

A transformative partnership

Ann Johnson, Corporate VP of Cybersecurity at Microsoft, and Tanium CEO Orion Hindawi talk about what the partnership means for customers.

When attackers strike, it’s a race against the clock

Whether it’s strengthening your defenses or responding to incidents, organizations need streamlined, integrated solutions that address key challenges.


A lack of comprehensive, real-time visibility

creates blind spots with unknown and unmanaged vulnerabilities.


Limited or stale data

protracts investigations and complicates security and operations workflows.


Incomplete visibility and control

extends the time to remediate and resolve incidents and threats.


Sprawling security and management toolkits

create complexity and inconsistent views of the environment.

An integrated solution for real-time remediation, mitigation and prevention

Organizations shouldn’t need to deal with the inefficiency and expense of point solutions. Consolidate your toolkit and enhance your security and operations capabilities across your entire IT estate through our integrations with Microsoft Sentinel, Azure Active Directory and E3/E5.

Enhanced security 

Use a risk-based approach to proactively identify and improve the compliance and security of all of your endpoints while ensuring that all management and security technologies are healthy and performing. 

Faster investigations 

Complete investigations and hunts more quickly using real-time data and experiences that will help you accurately access the full depth, breadth and impact of an attack.    

Automated remediation

Use real-time data and control plane to prevent configuration drift and enforce your most compliant and secure state. After an investigation, confidently execute automation at scale to remediate and bring your organization back to a complaint and healthy state.

Solution convergence  

Streamline Security and IT Operations by eliminating disparate point solutions and gain an accurate real-time single source of truth about digital estate. 

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“I am excited to see that Tanium and Microsoft are coming together. Combining Tanium’s real-time data and control with Microsoft’s services will allow my team to more effectively manage and secure my entire IT estate.”

Andy Lawrence Cyber Security Improvements Manager WTW

Formerly Willis Towers Watson

“I believe that Microsoft and Tanium’s partnership is going to transform the future of IT security and operations for my organization. By combining Tanium’s real-time visibility and control with Microsoft’s advanced threat intelligence, orchestration and analytics services, I can quickly and easily identify and address vulnerabilities, remediate threats and manage my estate across a multitude of platforms and I don’t need dozens of point solutions to do it.”

Mark Wantling CIO University of Salford

Defend against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats

Watch this video interview with Tanium’s SVP of strategy and business development, Rob Jenks, to learn more about how the Tanium and Microsoft integration helps prevent, respond to and remediate threats faster.

Ready to learn more?

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