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New Features and Enhancements Coming to the Tanium User Experience

My takeaways from Converge 2022 and preview of what’s to come with Tanium UX in the future

Tech Insights

Setting the Stage for UX

Catching up with customers is always exciting, especially in the electric city of Austin! This year’s Tanium Converge delivered a preview of powerful new features and experiences for the Tanium platform in 2023, while fantastic barbecue and music provided an engaging backdrop to connect with customers. The Tanium User Experience Team was there and heard feedback that validated our focus areas and direction, while giving us keen insight to craft design initiatives currently underway.

Visibility at both macro and micro scale

The new Tanium Single Endpoint View released in 2022 has been well received by customers. While Tanium has always differentiated itself in speed and scale to query all managed endpoints across an enterprise, we heard customers voice their needs to additionally focus on individual endpoints at a time. The Single Endpoint view facilitates this by aggregating key insight for an individual endpoint from modules spanning the Tanium platform. This view also surfaces key actions to initiate against that endpoint, such as action deployment, or starting a remote screen control session with Tanium’s new screen sharing feature. Look for even more data and actions to make their way into this experience in 2023.

Providing data with insight

Visualization of data was another area where customers found benefits from the Tanium platform. We heard that customers sometimes question the load of a given agent or process on endpoints. By using Tanium Performance, they can often pinpoint the cause, and with new flexibility to define custom reports and dashboards in the Tanium Data Explorer, they can prepare precise at-a-glimpse summaries to drive actions, as well as share current operational and security postures with other stakeholders. Aligned closely with requests we’ve heard from customers, new features to export these visualizations are coming soon.

Organizational silos align

Another theme we heard was a new convergence between security and operations teams in organizations. While the responsibilities and roles at this intersection vary by organization, what remains crucial is visibility into actions needed for critical tasks, and the state of the organization’s response in completing them. The new Automated Workflow showcased in the keynote session will deliver a huge leap forward in meeting these customer needs. By aligning organizational operations, Tanium recommended remediations, and automatic detection and alerting into customizable templates, customers will be able to initiate both simple and complex workflows with the press of a single button. Demoing streamlined experiences for targeting and deploying actions in Patch has generated a lot of customer excitement for our efforts in 2022 and anticipation for Tanium’s future endeavors in this area.

Know how well you are doing

Finally, we heard how helpful Tanium has been in resolving vulnerabilities quickly. As one customer noted, “When tooling and capabilities are already on the endpoint, you can move quickly to prevent breakouts like Log4J.” With new features, including our Feed threshold alerts and Tanium-provided notifications of zero-day vulnerabilities, Tanium’s data visualizations will continue to convey the state a customer’s environment, with recommended actions to remediate issues. Tanium Benchmark adds an additional element to the conversation. It now gives customers a reference of their performance on metrics against their industry peers. With Benchmark, we expect our customers to become leaders in security best practices by using Tanium visualizations and workflows to confidently stand before their internal boards, organizational departments, and customers to articulate a best-of-breed security and operations posture.

We look forward to connecting with you again in 2023. In the meantime, sign up for the Tanium User Research Program to take part in ongoing design research studies.

You can also check out all the keynotes and sessions from Converge on-demand.

Joe Scherpa

Joe Scherpa

Joe Scherpa is a Staff UX Designer at Tanium, focusing on Risk, Shared Services, and Tanium’s UX Design System. He enjoys talking to users to apply feedback to new designs.

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