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Control your IT assets with confidence

Fast and flexible, it's endpoint management for the modern enterprise. Achieve centralized and automated management of your systems in minutes — not weeks or months.

Tanium — The Power of Certainty

With Tanium, manage and configure your entire IT estate in real time. Proactively discover remote endpoints, deploy software and monitor end-user impact — with minimal network strain.

CIOs need accuracy and automation

Today’s IT operations leaders have to seamlessly operate millions of globally distributed, heterogeneous assets, while ensuring minimal downtime and impact for end users and developers.

CIOs want a single, lightweight platform that gives them the power, in real time, to see what they own and control every asset.

Here are the challenges we hear from top organizations.

Tanium can help.


Balancing endless streams of tickets

from multiple legacy management tools with no end in sight.


Constantly crashing applications

causing upset users and a substantial impact on productivity.


Writing scripts in an arcane format

that will start accumulating even more technical debt.


Digging through outdated reports

and receipts to figure out what software has been installed where.

The Power of Certainty

Complete, accurate and up-to-date endpoint data for operations, security and risk teams.

Know everything now
Know everything now

Scan your endpoint environment in minutes and deliver complete and accurate results.

Fix it fast
Fix it fast

Patch devices and monitor device performance in real-time without end-user impact.

Align teams
Align teams

Manage assets, discover endpoints and deploy software without additional tools or bandwidth.

Discover Enforce Risk Impact ThreatResponse Asset Map Integrity Monitor Reveal Comply Deploy Patch Performance Client Management

A modern architecture to address today's growing IT challenges

Extensible data model
Collect new, ad-hoc data from your endpoints at will.

Distributed communications protocol
Gather and distribute data to millions of endpoints with zero intermediate infrastructure in seconds.

Lightweight agent
A single agent with minimal endpoint performance impact that can fit on the smallest chips.


Extend Tanium’s value with our partners

Tanium provides the best possible data source for every workflow that relies on rich and accurate risk and compliance data.

Advisory partners

Advisory partners use our capabilities to gain a unified view of their IT estate whether as the result of an M&A event or as part of digital transformation initiative, Tanium helps lower costs through automation, tool consolidation or complexity reduction.

Services partners

Services partners use Tanium to deliver IT asset and patch management solutions as part of a managed service offering or help customers implement and configure Tanium to meet your company-specific requirements.

Technology partners

Technology partners integrate with Tanium to enrich existing CMDBs with reliable data or adopt innovative IT Service Management solutions powered by Tanium, enabling patch management automation and self-healing processes.

Find a Tanium partner

Tanium results

Our customers experience tangible value — whether it’s dollar or time savings. With Tanium’s Client Management solution, the results are undeniable.

0 patch success rate on the first pass
0 reduction in patch times
0 memory utilization when deploying applications

Why customers trust and invest in Tanium

Mitch Teichman Senior Manager of Client Engineering, VITAS Healthcare
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For VITAS, operating system updates usually required manual installation, which for 5,000 machines could take as long as a year. With Tanium, the company remotely updated 98 percent of employee computers in two months — impossible with the company’s previous endpoint management tools.

Matt Reid Senior Director of Technology Infrastructure and Operation, Elsevier
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Tanium helps us quickly distill large volumes of information about our sprawling, constantly changing virtual server environment. With Tanium, we can efficiently determine the key actions we need to take to keep our hybrid cloud infrastructure secure.

Ken Athanasiou CISO, AutoNation
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SCCM would take sometimes an hour or two just to deploy a package to a user’s machine. Now we can type in that machine and deploy in minutes. That’s how the operations team here at AutoNation got onboard.

Control every endpoint, everywhere – whenever you need

Choose Tanium to experience a client management solution with features to address today’s challenges.

Instantaneous patching across enterprise-scale complexity of networks, computer groups and device types

Performance optimization through system-level diagnostics and remediation of high CPU consumption processes

Pre-packaged software bundles for quick setup and deployment execution across a geographically dispersed environment

Scan, add or block unmanaged assets by monitoring local subnets and defined segments in your network

The Power of Certainty

Experience complete visibility over all your endpoints and perform large scale actions within minutes, right now.

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