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It’s time for a convergence

A convergence of tools, a convergence of endpoints and a convergence of IT operations and security.

$160 billion will be spent on cybersecurity

The industry’s approach to endpoint management is flawed. Every IT security and management provider offers only a small piece of the solution required to protect our environments. Organizations are forced to buy tens of these different solutions, stitch them together, and make decisions based on stale, inaccurate and incomplete data.

CIOs and CISOs need a new way to manage and secure their endpoints.


how often a ransomware attack occurs


of IT decision-makers discovered endpoints in their organizations that they were unaware of


of organizations have experienced breaches through exploited unknown endpoints


How many tools the average organization uses for IT and security

It's time for a different approach

Let’s focus on the basic protections the industry has known would work for decades, but most assumed were impossible to implement. Let’s use a single platform that can identify where all your data is, patch every device you own in seconds, implement critical security controls and do that all in a single pane of glass – in real time. Let’s close the holes that attackers get through, rather than paper them over with tools that let them in.


See into every endpoint, managed or unmanaged, with complete, accurate and real-time visibility.


Whether in the cloud or on premises, take control of your entire IT estate in seconds with minimal network impact.


With a single source of truth, align your IT operations and security teams with complete, high-fidelity data across your entire environment.

Black RingPower logo

“Tanium brings visibility to one screen for our whole team. If you don’t have that kind of visibility, you’re not going to be able to sleep at night.”

Kevin Bush Vice President of IT Ring Power Corp.
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“When rapidly changing technology converges with redefining where work happens, it's more important than ever for organizations to be able to react and respond quickly. Tanium is one such cloud-based platform that is specifically designed to quickly address the root causes of IT and Security challenges while unifying those teams through its single pane of glass.”

Michael Suby Research Vice President, Security and Trust IDC

“It was quickly clear to us that Tanium Cloud was the only solution that enabled a holistic approach with an unmatched level of speed, scale and visibility.”

Steve Blankenship Director of Information Technology Salisbury University

“To deliver the goal of a secure resilient infrastructure, security and I&O must collaborate effectively. While formal and informal meetings and cross-training provide the basis for communication between the teams, what is more important is that there be an open exchange of information between the teams that delivers on the “why,” and not just the “what,” that each team requires.”

Gartner, “3 Areas for Security and I&O to Improve IT Resilience”, Tony Harvey, Tiny Haynes, Tom Croll, April 30, 2021.

GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

The answer: Converged Endpoint Management

Tanium defends every team, endpoint and workflow against the largest attack surface in history by delivering the industry’s first convergence of IT management and security operations with a single platform under a new category, Converged Endpoint Management (XEM).

The integrated offering links IT operations, security and risk teams from a single pane of glass to provide a shared source of truth, a unified set of controls, and a common taxonomy that brings together siloed teams for a shared purpose — to protect critical information and infrastructure.


See into every endpoint, managed or unmanaged, with complete, accurate and real-time visibility.

Raytheon Logo Raytheon Technologies implements the Tanium platform to bring a broad set of improvements to managing and securing its worldwide computing infrastructure.


endpoints secured


time to secure those endpoints

Tanium provides the endpoint visibility at scale that allows Raytheon to fulfill its mission of supporting commercial and governmental industries and manufacturing state-of-the-art defense systems.

“We’re more secure because of Tanium. We’re more agile because of Tanium. And we can respond to incidents a lot faster because of Tanium.”

Paul Blaha
Senior Compliance Manager Raytheon


Whether in the cloud or on premises, take control of your entire IT estate in seconds with minimal network impact.

AutoNation Logo AutoNation turns to Tanium to improve cyber hygiene and endpoint security.


patch efficacy


time to deploy patches

AutoNation is running at high speed with Tanium. The company now has comprehensive endpoint control to improve IT operations and security.

“Now we can type in that machine and deploy [patches] in minutes. That’s how the operations team here at AutoNation got onboard.”

Ken Athanasiou
CISO AutoNation


With a single source of truth, align your teams with complete, high-fidelity data across your entire environment.

Vitas Healthcare Logo VITAS turns to Tanium for a single source of truth of their IT environment.


time it took for Tanium to pay for itself


of employee computers remotely updated in 2 months

The Tanium platform provides VITAS Healthcare with a single system of record for its devices, their software configurations, and their status, allowing IT operations and security teams to work in harmony.

“We now live in complete harmony when it comes to reporting with the security team. It’s a beautiful thing. The numbers we see are the same numbers they see.”

Mitch Teichman
Senior Manager of Client Engineering VITAS Healthcare

The Power of Certainty

Experience complete visibility over all your endpoints and perform large-scale actions within minutes from the cloud, right now.