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Real-time visibility, control, and remediation on a single platform

Tanium’s XEM platform delivers complete, accurate and real-time endpoint data regardless of scale and complexity.

An explosion of endpoints

Organizations lose visibility and control of their IT environments as they grow and become distributed.

Digital automation

Digital technology is changing how businesses operate and deliver value.

Zero-trust security

Securing network boundaries is shifting to verifying users, assets, and resources.

Point solution fatigue

More siloed technology begets more vulnerabilities and unnecessary complexities.

Converged Endpoint Management (XEM)

Visibility, control, and remediation for all endpoints


Get high-fidelity data and respond in real time, not days or weeks.


Zero infrastructure, massive scale, delivered as a service.


Enable automation via converged workflows and integrated AI.

Take a tour of the Tanium XEM platform

We’ve found that the best way for customers to understand what we do is to show our platform in action. This short video will guide you through a hands-on keyboard tour.

Converging tools across IT operations, risk, and compliance on a single platform

The Tanium XEM platform consists of modules that provide visibility, control, and remediation across your entire IT estate.


Get a comprehensive inventory of hardware and software assets across your environment.


Scalable cybersecurity automation. Orchestrate and automate mission-critical IT workflows and tasks.


Compare and prescriptively improve your IT risk metrics against your industry peers.

Certificate Manager

Gain real-time visibility into your digital certificates.


Identify vulnerability and compliance exposures in minutes across your environment.


Quickly install, update, or remove software across your environment.


Find and take control of unmanaged endpoints across remote, on-prem and cloud environments.


Unify policy and configuration management at scale.


Make IT a hero by providing digital employee experiences that always delight.


Get alerts, insights, and remediation actions to respond quickly and effectively to critical and high-severity issues.


Reduce lateral movement attack surface areas and investigate security incidents where identities may have been compromised.

Integrity Monitor

Efficiently monitor file and registry changes, simplify compliance at scale.


Dramatically reduce MTTR of incidents with real-time data in a collaborative investigative workspace.


Simplify and accelerate patch management and compliance.


Monitor, investigate, and remediate infrastructure and digital employee experience issues quickly and at scale.


Provide bare-metal provisioning and re-imaging for both on-premises and remote devices.


Locate and manage sensitive data across endpoints to mitigate exposure.


Know all your software supply chain vulnerabilities in seconds.

Threat Response

Investigate and respond to threats in real time.

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“By plugging Tanium into ServiceNow and [Microsoft] Sentinel, our operations team can achieve total visibility across all three core platforms without any data silos.”

Mark Wantling CIO University of Salford
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“Being able to take data out of Tanium and put it into Splunk or take data from Palo Alto Networks and put it into Tanium — basically take all the tools I had and make them work together. That is where the value of Tanium is for me.”

Greg Fisbeck Senior Manager of Cybersecurity Operations Whirpool
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“We’re integrating Tanium with our [ServiceNow] CMDB to enable users to self-service their patch scheduling, capture new builds with default patch schedules, improve reporting, and lift the burden from our operational staff.”

Timothy Bremm Lead Enterprise Architect Honeywell
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See how Tanium compares

Organizations trust Tanium for every IT workflow that requires endpoint data. See the difference.

Tanium vs. BigFix

Tanium provides organizations an endpoint control plane that is fast and flexible enough to adapt to the demands of modern enterprises.

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Tanium vs. Qualys

Tanium empowers organizations to take a proactive approach to risk and compliance management — identify, prioritize, and fix on a single platform.

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Tanium vs. Tenable

Tanium gives organizations a complete view of the risk in their IT estate with high-fidelity data and zero incremental infrastructure.

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The Power of Certainty™

Experience complete visibility over all your endpoints and perform large-scale actions within minutes from the cloud, right now.