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Tanium Map

Discover and map complex, multi-tier application services and server dependencies.

Tanium Map delivers on the promise of building accurate, comprehensive and flexible application maps that illustrate dependencies and relationships among underlying components.

Tanium can read and monitor network connections on managed endpoints without scans or credentials, making application mapping fast and reliable.

Keeping Track of the Infrastructure Supporting Your Applications Shouldn’t Be Painful

Tanium Map records connections that occur on each managed endpoint, helping reduce the risk of missing connections that occur outside a scan window.

Ensure Business Continuity

To keep your business running during critical change initiatives, understand your application infrastructure.

Optimize Application Infrastructure

Optimize infrastructure for cost efficiency, single points of failure, redundancy and capacity.

Mitigate Risk and Help Achieve Compliance

Better meet compliance mandates and improve on your security posture.

Application Services Mapping

With Tanium Map you can easily maintain visibility and control of your application environment by generating an interactive map showing its components, connections and interdependencies. Use these maps to precisely analyze the impact of changes.


Application Service Troubleshooting

Quickly and accurately troubleshoot application service issues, and track changes in components. Help ensure that any additional changes will not unintentionally affect future business service.

Cloud Migration Support

Improve “lift and shift” cloud migration IT initiatives by quickly understanding the components underpinning critical applications. Use this data to create smart data-center-to-cloud migration plans, minimizing disruption and improving efficiency.


Tanium Value Metrics

Through comprehensive and real-time analytical insights about their devices, Tanium helps organizations measurably improve IT hygiene, employee productivity and operational efficiencies while reducing risk, complexity and costs.

Map Coverage (% of Total)

Are you mapping all your servers? The Percent of Total Servers Mapped helps you understand your application services environment. The more servers mapped the better.

Servers Mapped to an Application (% of Total)

Do you know which servers support which applications? The Percent of Total Servers Mapped to an Application tells you which servers in your ecosystem host business services, helping your data center migration planning and infrastructure optimizations efforts.

Tanium Map Is a Key Component of Endpoint Management

Immediately discover assets, remediate across diverse environments and operating systems, and monitor the performance of endpoints with real-time visibility, comprehensive control and rapid response. Tanium provides endpoint management at scale, all from a single platform for consolidated control and visibility.

Learn more about the capabilities of Tanium Endpoint Management.


Take a Test Drive

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