Tanium Map

Get real-time visibility into applications and endpoint interrelationships.

Gain insight into application dependencies with rich context. Identify the root cause of application outages to mitigate future downtime. Validate network segmentation for critical systems to prevent unexpected communication.

Map and Validate Your Application Dependencies and Relationships

Optimize your infrastructure for cost efficiency and capacity while making your business more resilient.

Real-Time Application Visibility

Get full visibility into your applications and endpoint interrelationships in real time and monitor changes over time.

Complete Endpoint Mapping

Create comprehensive maps of your endpoints across your entire organization to strategically plan and optimize cost efficiency.

Better Business Resilience

Gain a complete understanding of interdependencies among IT components to avoid outages, improve security and help with compliance.



How Gaps in IT Resilience Impact Your Business


Tanium Map Is a Key Component of Unified Endpoint Management

From asset inventory, patching and configuration management to performance monitoring and software management, Tanium’s solution suite enables organizations to manage end user, cloud and datacenter systems from a single, unified platform – all at massive scale.

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