Cyber Hygiene

Tanium closes the critical gaps in cyber hygiene.

Why try to predict the next threat when you can confidently address the root cause of the problem instead? Better cyber hygiene equals a better security posture. There is a better way.

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You've got 99 problems, and malware is just one.

99.9% of attacks are from vulnerabilities that had been identified for more than a year, and some of them date as far back as 1999.

Information about your IT asset inventory is out of date.

You can’t keep ahead of trouble without up-to-the-minute information about your asset inventory. Yet, existing asset management tools are extremely slow, often forcing you to perform manual processes. Even then, the data they provide is often inaccurate. Even worse, asset management tools don’t scale to millions of endpoints.

Your security configuration management is slow and incomplete.

You can’t effectively respond to an incident if it takes weeks to collect configuration results from all your endpoints. Existing security configuration management products are slow and incomplete. Key critical security updates are often ignored.

You think you’re in better shape than you are.

Without a real-life picture of what’s happening on your endpoints at any time, you can’t keep your data safe. It’s easy to deploy endpoint security and management tools and assume they’re giving you accurate, up-to-date information. But many tools use sampling methods to understand their environment. Sampling is often noisy with many false positives, difficult to prioritize, and disconnected from remediation via patching.

Once you’ve identified a problem, it takes too long to fix it.

If you’re unable to fix problems quickly, the bad actors will always be a step ahead. Most organizations operate an assortment of siloed assessment and change tools that don’t communicate effectively. This increases the length of time between assessment and your ability to execute changes, introducing dangerous blind spots.

What is the cost of not addressing cyber hygiene?

Try our cyber hygiene impact calculator to see what the benefit is to your organization.



Number of unmanaged assets actually on your network


Dollar Impact

Discover unmanaged assets

Identify unauthorized software

Remediate ad-hoc vulnerabilities

Find and fix local admin privileges

Run configuration checks for compliance audit

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