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Chris Bream joins today as Tanium’s CTO

Building a world-class leadership team is one of my top priorities. To that end, I’m delighted to share that Chris Bream is joining us today as Tanium’s new Chief Technology Officer.

I’ve held the CTO role since we founded Tanium 10 years ago, and I held on to those responsibilities after I became CEO last year to ensure continuity in our engineering effort. The strength of Tanium’s engineering and product development teams is one of the primary reasons our company keeps succeeding. As we’ve grown our engineering effort, however, it’s become clear that CTO needs to be a full time role, with a leader who can be 100% focused on listening and learning as well as teaching and leading. Chris is a great fit for our culture and mission, and I have no doubt the engineering teams will see even greater success under Chris’s leadership, given the remarkable breadth of his experience.

Tanium isn’t a cybersecurity company or an IT operations company. We have created a massive scale communications platform that fundamentally changes the way compute assets can be managed, and we’re on a mission to refactor the hundreds of point solution markets in IT into far more efficient and affordable approaches as a result. With the advent of IoT and million-endpoint enterprises, we believe our solution is crucial to ensuring the safety and security of businesses, government agencies, and individuals around the world. Chris is an ideal fit for Tanium, with experience in both security and on the operational side of large-scale enterprise. He also comes with a track record helping high-growth organizations scale and has led teams comprising some of the best technical talent in the world.

Most recently, Chris spent three years at Facebook overseeing the company’s product security, infrastructure security, and information security policy and risk teams. During that time, the number of users on Facebook grew from 1.2 billion in 2014 to nearly 2 billion today. Before joining Facebook, Chris was a director at Mandiant, where he led incident response teams and the managed service group. He began his career in local government as a systems engineer for Montgomery County in Virginia. More than most people, Chris understands diverse perspectives from the public and private sector—and knows firsthand what keeps our customers up at night.

I couldn’t be more thrilled for Chris to lead us into the next chapter of realizing our ambitious technical vision and serving our customers in the most valuable and impactful way possible. Please join me in giving him a warm welcome!

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About the author: Orion Hindawi co-founded Tanium in 2007 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Orion leads product strategy and development of the Tanium Platform, in addition to all customer-facing technical operations and management functions. A technology visionary and accomplished inventor, Orion has led the development of enterprise-scale endpoint security and management platforms for the past 18 years at BigFix, Inc. (acquired by IBM in 2010) and Tanium, in addition to holding multiple software patents in the areas of network communications and systems management. Orion works closely with Tanium customers on a daily basis in the pursuit of inventing new approaches for solving the significant challenges IT departments face securing and managing large, global enterprise environments. Orion also serves on the Tanium Board of Directors.

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